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About Us

The Gypsy

The Gypsy has traveled a lot of this truffle-shaped world, visiting chocolate shops and tasting truffles. She would now like to offer you her own collection. Chocolate Shop Gypsy truffles are silky and creamy, enrobed in some of the finest chocolate. There are seasonal and classic assortments; some in limited quantity. If you see what you like, better order now; it might not be here for long.

The Gypsy will continue to travel and taste, always looking for new trends to offer you. We hope you will check back often!

Gypsy Truffles

Gypsy truffles have been selected for their superior quality, consistency, and value. They are made fresh daily and shipped to you within 1 - 2 days of receiving your order. Flavors will change to reflect the season. Gift boxed assortments include a variety of the current flavor selections.

Shop with Confidence

You can shop with confidence that Gypsy truffles will be creamy, satiny satisfying. For you, or as a gift. Please come on in and make your selection now!