Kay-HarrisAbout Chocolate Shop Gypsy:

I created this site for my merry band of traveling chocolate lovers. Since we can’t all be everywhere, I would like to share the good news about good chocolate that I find as I travel this truffle-shaped globe. I’ll tell you about the people, places, and chocolate you might like to put on your itinerary.

I will occasionally post a review from a guest writer who also believes life is a dance and chocolate is the music. If he or she has skipped into a chocolate shop that I’ve missed, why not let them spread their good news? Feel free to send me an email if you think you are one of those people. But please remember, I only post about the good stuff.

Now, I know you want to know why you should even read the Chocolate Shop Gypsy. So…………..


About me:

My love affair with chocolate goes way back. I’ve tried to break it off several times, but I always surrender to it again when tempted. In 2001 I opened an online chocolate store; Sin in a Box (chocolates so good they seemed sinful). It was an almost-immediate success. The Dallas Morning News did a feature story on us. Al Roker’s staff saw the story, knew he was coming to Dallas, and arranged for him to tape a show with me for Roker on the Road on the Food Network. They thought it was pretty funny that at that time my son and I were making Sin in a Box chocolates in a rented church kitchen. The show aired right before Valentine’s Day and we were baptized by fire, so to speak. So much business, we couldn’t keep up. We quickly realized we had to find a way to mass produce and we did. However, as life is known to do, it threw a wrench into my tango and illness forced me to close in 2011. But I’m back full force, and we will begin shipping Sin in a Box again for the 2015 holidays.

Prior to Sin in a Box, my career included bank loan officer, film and video creative director, video writer/producer, writer for TV, and work in Information Technology. Some of the jobs were fun; some not so much. But all gave me insight into some part of the business world that I use every day.

In addition to my chocolate business, I will continue to share information in my blog about other chocolates and chocolatiers. I’ll travel as much as I can to visit them in person. I hope you’ll stay tuned for my newest adventure.

~ Kay Harris